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Vastly outperforms the competition in selling Smartphones

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Vastly outperforms the competition in selling Smartphones

72.4 million smartphones is what the company Samsung has sold in the April-June quarter of this year. The incredible figure, in addition, corresponds to just over 33% of the total sold in this item in the world. The information, provided by the Buy Uruguay Mobile Phone Number Database same firm, indicates that the competition is well below these figures. Apple , with 31.2 million; LG with 12.1 million; Lenovo with 11.3 million and ZTE with 10.1 million. The incredible thing is that while Apple has dropped its sales by more than 16%, Samsung continues to advance.

The official source of this information published by various media, Strategy Analysis, indicates that the smartphone market, at the date of the investigation, had grown by 52% in relation to the same quarter of 2012. It also corroborates that the profits of the Korean company increased by 47.5% compared to the same period last year. The profits would be 6,400 million euros. Get the bill.

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Knowing the strategy of the American company, we could assure that, despite the falls in the stock market and the rumors that arise from these events, the days of other presentations of new products are not far off. However, the Korean company has Phone Number List achieved a good point for this year, which will help it face strong competition from the East. Let’s not forget that also compete with it Huawei , Xiaomi and ZTE . We will see what happens. But, as we always say, the more competition, the more profit for the user.

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